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GW letter sent, now reporting as disputed on CR


GW letter sent, now reporting as disputed on CR

I had an auto loan with Citizens Auto Finance that was finally paid off back in August 2009.  I had three 30's and one 60 days past due showing up on my CR from June 2008 - September 2008.  In an effort to help clean up my credit, about 2 weeks ago I sent a GW letter to Citizens Auto to see if there if they'd give me a GW adjustment to my CR's.  I haven't heard anything back from Citizens as of yet, but I got an interesting Score Watch alert earlier today.

Citizens is now showing up on my EQ CR as being disputed.  The description in Score Watch shows (I bolded the new information):

Consumer disputes after resolution
Closed or Paid Account/Zero Balance

Auto loan


I never once in my GW letter mentioned anything about incorrect information being reported, nor did I say that I was disputing anything.  I'm just wondering if Citizens has to say that I'm disputing it to the CRA's in order to be able to update the information?  Also, a few years ago I had disputed something that was incorrect on this TL.  Is that why it is showing up as "consumer disputes after resolution"? 

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Re: GW letter sent, now reporting as disputed on CR

This happens all the time.  A  GW letter usually arrives at the desk of a clerk who knows little about the FCRA, and just flags it as a dispute.

I would suggest including a bold-face introductory paragraph in any GW letter that clearly states that your letter is not a dispute of the accuracy of any credit reporting.

If you cant get it addressed informally by talking to the creditor, you might be faced with the catch-22 of having to file a dispute to contest the inaccurate reporting of a dispute.

Its a mess, I know.

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Re: GW letter sent, now reporting as disputed on CR

Ok, that makes sense.  Thanks for the info RobertEG.  I guess I will have to give Citizens a call tomorrow afternoon.

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