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GW letter successes with NCO?


GW letter successes with NCO?

In an attempt to shore up my FICO score and clean up my credit report in advance of pursuing a mortgage, I sent NCO Financial Services a GW email this week. I have a $310 paid collection from five years ago that I was hoping they would agree to remove. I'd read about some successes on this and other forums.


They left me a voice mail today requesting I return the call today, so I called back, extremely hopeful. Unfortunately, nothing doing. They operator - a young man with an Indian accent - said that it was "against the law" for them to remove the collection, unless I was actually disputing the collection or thought it was in error.


Am I just out of luck at this point? Or is there another path that some of you might pursue?

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Re: GW letter successes with NCO?

Send another one snail mail.

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Re: GW letter successes with NCO?

I found them to be pretty decent.  Keep trying.

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Re: GW letter successes with NCO?

Would you be willing to share the NCO email address via PM? Thanks.

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Re: GW letter successes with NCO?

start hitting them with snail mail, send to address on credit report.  Keep sending.  One may say NO and another may say YES.  You need to get someone in USA.

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Re: GW letter successes with NCO?

I personally have ran into this as well with GW, both on the phone & via mail.  I have had this happen with credit cards (Capital One) & collections.  Do we just keep resending via mail and hope someone else opens the letter?  From my understanding, a GW is basically asking for the Credit Company for erase what I have done bad.  Also, some CA has told me I need to contact the OC when I have called them.  Can anyone advise please?  Thanks!

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