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GW question...

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GW question...

So, I have a CO with Chase. DOLA is 10/06, and in 9/07 I settled on the account. Now, my CR is showing:
(TU) a zero balance, with no late pays, charged off as bad debt
(EQ) 10 late pays, zero balance, charged off as bad debt
(EX) 7 late pays, zero balance, legally paid in full for less than balance
Why is TU showing zero late pays and how the heck do  I get the others to say the same????
Wouldn't Chase be reporting the exact same info to all 3 CRAs? Would they just be interpretting them differently?
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Re: GW question...

All my TU not lates...but ywhen you write the GW letter to have the lates removed...just ask all of them to be removed...don't specify what's on each report...
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