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GW group!

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Re: GW group!


GW's DO WORK!  Keep on truckin everyone, this GW cost me $0.42 and about 30 total minutes of my time! RJM ACQ LLC ROCKS!!!


After not getting a repsonse via snail mail from RJM about the GW letter I sent, I took another member's advice and sent a GW via email to the two addresses he mentioned.  I got a reply back from (Name removed) the next day with a phone number to call her back when I had some time.  I called the next day and must have just missed her.  She called me a few minutes ago to tell me she had DELETED the item from my credit file and is sending me a letter on case I need proof of this before it updates on my CR's.


I told her about the good things I had heard about RJM on, and she said she was thrilled that they were getting positive reviews.  She said they always get lumped in with other CA's who aren't so willing to work with you.


This paid CA was only reporting to EX, so I won't be able to see a boost in my FICO's, but this is one more baddie GONE thanks to the fantastic advice from members of!

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Re: GW group!

Yay for Home Depot (Citi)


I sent them an email through their customer service section of secure web portal asking if they could review "my account" (belongs to DH) as it was showing a late paymen in April 2008 and I would like for that not to be reported to the CRAs


Got back this email this morning


"Thank you for your message regarding your Home Depot account.

As per your request, we have reviewed your account history with The Home Depot and have cleared the disputed delinquency. This correction will be reported to the three major credit bureaus (

Transunion (TUN), Equifax (CBI) and Experian Profile Maintenance (previously TRW))as of 03/31/09. Upon submitting your updated account record, the respective credit bureaus will typically take 30 to 45 days to include this information in the credit bureau record available to the public and lending institutions."

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Re: GW group!

For those trying to get Verizon Wireless to show goodwill....last week I used PFB and the next day a VP called me. She said if I agree to pay in full she will issue a delete of all negative marks. The next day I received a fed ex package with the agreement which I quickly signed and sent a check.


So keep trying GWs via PFB, they work. Now I need Crap1 and Sallie Mae to show me some love.

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Re: GW group!

I sent my GW to Direct Loans today to remove 2 lates.

I also sent 2 letters to Merrick Bank and Barclays to delete my tradelines since I never received their cards or activated the accounts

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Re: GW group!

Does this sound ok?


Mr. Gordon [EDITED],


I am writing you to ask for a measure of goodwill as Chase has an excellent history of strong customer service. I have one fully paid and closed account that has numerous lates on it dating back to January 2007. At this time I was 18 years old and had just had a child, while trying to attend college and play collegiate football. Obviously, as you can see within the status of this account, I was not near mature enough for the responsibility of this credit card and the things that came along with it.


Since this time I have learned the true meaning of financial responsibility. I am now, at the age of 20, a single father trying to prepare for the purchase of a home for my family. I am asking for a measure of goodwill to delete these negative remarks off my credit report with all three bureaus. This is the one trade line that is holding me back from providing to my family the home that they deserve. I understand you are under no legal obligation to respond to my letter, but hope that you will grant my family and I the goodwill of deleting the late payments off my credit report, so that they do not have to be punished for my ignorance and immaturity.


With this gesture of goodwill Chase will forever have my gratitude and I look forward to be a valued customer of Chase again in the very near future.




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Re: GW group!

Sounds good to me... send it by email as well....
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Re: GW group!

So I have been reading and learning from these boards and have sent now three rounds of GW letters.  I started slow and sent one letter to one address but stepped up the pace recently.....


I think that the one GW letter 3/18 that I sent to chase bank worked!  Or maybe it was the PFB letter that I emailed last week


The account was closed, PIF maybe 3 or 4 years ago.


I use CCT and pulled my report on 3/29 - listed 12 accounts total on 4/5 there are 11 accounts total


As I searched for the difference - my Chase account (well one of them) is gone from TU - but is still showing under EQ (and never was on EX) TU FAKO score went up from 704 to 726! 


Gone are 4 x 30 and 1 x 60 day lates - I am still in shock ...... ( but a good, happy shock!)  These were not due drop off the record until 2010 and 2011..... 


I had asked for the lates to be removed but they pulled the whole account (that is ok - I still have my oldest cards open).


In case anyone was wondering - the address that I used was


Attention: Credit Manager


800 Brooksedge Blvd

Columbus, OH-43081


Question - do TU and EQ update at different times...... could it be that I will see this account also gone from EQ?




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Re: GW group!

UKDEBC - that's awesome!  I just mailed a letter to Chase, pretty much totally same scenario, and sent it to the same address - on 3/23.  Did they respond to you at all, or just remove the account?  I also sent an email via PFB on 4/ I'm anxious and hopeful!  I've seen some folks say they get a letter or an email in response, and some say accounts or lates just disappear, but I was wondering about this specific site with Chase....hoping I'll get the same good news!
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Re: GW group!

KSsunflower wrote:
UKDEBC - that's awesome!  I just mailed a letter to Chase, pretty much totally same scenario, and sent it to the same address - on 3/23.  Did they respond to you at all, or just remove the account?  I also sent an email via PFB on 4/ I'm anxious and hopeful!  I've seen some folks say they get a letter or an email in response, and some say accounts or lates just disappear, but I was wondering about this specific site with Chase....hoping I'll get the same good news!


I did not get anything back - just the entire TL deleted, without any communication.

  I hope that it will also drop off the EQ report also. 

This was one major source of lates..... I need to check my DH report and see if it dropped of his too.


This was such an encouragement... now to keep GW'ing BoA for the same thing.




In the mail today I got letters from Chase (one for both DH and me) which basically said,

thanks for your letter, we do not have your account in our system anymore and therefore are requesting that the account is deleted from all 3 CRA.  In the interim you may use this letter as notice of our intent to correct this information.


The return address was:

Cardmember Services

PO Box 15298

Wilmington DE 19850 - 5298


and came from a Financial Service Advisor of Customer Dispute Verifications.


Yeah!..... now to get BofA to do the same (round 4 GW).


On a less happy note - Kohls just sent a form letter in response to my phone call, saying that they could not delete my 1 30 day late as they were required to report.....  Although this is due to drop off in Sept of this year I will send a letter anyway - and remind them that they are not required to report.....




UPDATE - I wonder if Chase realizes how much this solidifies my good impression of them..  the reason for the lates was long term unemployment after 9/11 and a car accident with serious injuries - of all my cards Chase was the easiest and most accomodating  - lowering the interest rate through their Chase Flex program.  Now to respond so quickly and positively to my GW letter.... puts them at the top of my list when I decide to get a new card.


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Re: GW group!

UKDEBC - thanks for the update.  This is freaky, as my only other baddie is also BofA!  So you'll have to let me know how that turns out...hoping still to get some good Chase news...I'll use my TC update this week and see if anything has changed, I'm trying to wait it out as long as possible since I just sent the PFB on 4/3. 

I will say that I've seen this on the boards before and it makes me wonder - when a OC tells someone that they're deleting an account because it is no longer in their system, how the heck do they keep reporting the lates to the CRA?

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