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GW group!

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Re: GW this...Support group!

Hey Everyone!


I love this thread.  I sent a GW Letter to The CEO Of FP (First Premier) success so I feel great about that since it was a recent charge-off, late payments and the Utilization was killing me.  The account wasn't mine a family members but I had been trying to get this resolved for almost a year.  


I had called Customer Service and even emailed the CEO and others several times decided to simply send a letter to the CEO and BAM!  Success.


Now I'm working on Sallie Mae I've tried the Consumer Advocacy Office and Customer Service, but I haven't had success I found about 200 email address for executive at Sallie Mae, and I plan on writing a letter a week to each board member and the CEO/President.


Fingers crossed.



*If anyone needs the contact information for FP (First Premier) let me know.*

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Re: GW this...Support group!

Was FP paid off before you sent GW?

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Re: GW this...Support group!

No it wasn't paid off.  It was actually over the available credit limit.  The account wasn't mine it was fraudlently opened by my sister, I expressed to FP I refused to press charges and asked would they please make the adjustment.  


Funny thing is I got no where with the emailing the President actually sent my emails to some chick who was less then helpful.


I decided to send the request snail mail and it only took one goodwill letter.

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Re: GW this...Support group!

I am so glad to have found this forum! I sent out my first GW email last night to the VP of a local bank I had a loan through that was paid in full in 2009. There were five 30 days late on the account I'm hoping to get removed.


My sister also happens to work at this bank and has told me if the email doesn't work, I should come in and talk to him in person. She said he will do anything to avoid conflict and if I were to come in and he had to face me he would probably do anything I wanted. I'm hoping the email works but if not I will suck it up and go plead my case in person.


This and 1 collection are the only two things on my CBR that will show negative after July and I'm trying to get both took care of.

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Re: GW group!

Love this thread....Smiley Happy


I'm trying to find addresses & emails & fax #'s (ANYTHING!!!) for the following culprits:




1) First Federal Credit & Collections (Medical) - PFD - 2 Acct's $588.00

2) Bank of America - GW for deletion PAID IN FULL $0 balance

3) Credit Protection Association (Comcast) - PFD - 2 Acct's $1,249.00

4) Account Resolution Service (Medical) - PFD - $460.00

5) Jefferson Capital Systems (Imagine MC) - PFD - $501

6) Merrick Bank - GW for lates removal


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: GW group!

I read every single post. Count me, in. This is what I'm tackling:


US Bank LOC I have a derog for every month of 2010. Don't ask. I was making a minimum payment that wasn't bringing me out of past due and I got 120 about 5 times in a row. Worst part is I thought I was taking care of my obligation after having going severely delinquent and was mislead into their little program, "make three payments and we'll waive fees and bring you back to current" that they have. I did that and they did not bring me back to current, saying that my third payment was late. Although it was in the third consecutive month aparrently it wasn't done by the right day in that month therefore I had to start all the way over and do three more months.


Portfolio Recovery Associates - Paid Collection. I paid my debts off a few months ago, didn't even think to do PFD at that time.


Credit Protection Associates - Paid collection. Supposedly they are removing this from my file as per requested by Cox communications.


Sallie Mae - Paid with a 90 and 120 late from back in 2005/2006


Westlake Auto - Auto loan with 2 30 day lates, one of them happened when I sold the car and the loan wasn't paid in a timely fashion, do I have any wiggle room here?


Capital One - This is my current auto loan. I have two 30 day lates in the last two years each. Do they ever remove these?


USA Auto - $300 charge off that I paid for and got a letter from him agreeing to have it removed from my file.




I have a question. When I want to get a TL from an OC removed, which letter do they have to respond to? The DV letter? This is the one that comes after a general dispute through the CRA correct? I'm getting confused on the grey line between where the CA's have to report and the OC doesn't. I read there is a newer law stating that OC's have to reply to the 623 letter as well. The USA Auto CO, I spoke to the owner he said just dispute it and he'll let it go this time. He would be the OC, so which letter or dispute would I send in this scenario where he agreed to not respond? I have letter head from him also stating this.

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Re: GW group!

Can anyone PM me the email addresses for GW letters for Capital One, Credit One Bank, and Aspire?  I had one 30 day late with each of these last summer that I want to remove.  If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it Smiley Happy

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Re: GW group!

Hi All!


I am just reposting here something that I posted on the boards.  Good Luck to all.



I have been reading a lot of threads trying to educate myself on how to handle our credit problems.  I read a thread yesterday about writing goodwill letters to companies after you have paid off a bad debt to have them remove the CO from the CB.  I thought I would try to write them explaining our situation and that we would like to make good on the debt but wanted to know the best route to take to have it removed from our credit bureau.  I received a call the next day from someone with the "Executive Services" team and she proceeded to tell me that she looked over our spending and saw where we had problems paying and that though we were willing to pay our debt that she has already removed all finance charges, late fees, etc and that not only will they be deleting everything from the CB but they will also be sending us a check for $51.00!!!  


Just to make sure you understand....We owed Chase, this was an unpaid charge off in the amount of $1,079.00 ... it has been a charge off for about 4 years now.


CRAZY!  I cried and thanked her.  I would also just like to thank everyone on this board : )



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Re: GW group!

Encouraging news, thank you.  I think I'm going to have to do the same thing.  Thanks for sharing!

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Re: GW group!

Blessed, that's amazing. Congrats! Can you post the letter you sent here or private message it to me? I'm trying to get some paid CO accounts deleted myself and not having much luck so far!
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