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GW group!

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Re: GW group!

Good job, Hindsight!

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As a new (single) mom, my goal is to buy a great house by 2012. I'm busting tail to better my credit one day at a time, thanks to the help of this forum.

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Re: GW group!

@silentdance wrote:

Good job, Hindsight!

Thanks! I just received another letter in the mail Monday from a CA which I've contacted before but got turned down so I tried again and they agreed, apologized and said they'd request deletions from the CRA's.  Checked my CR's today and *poof* it's gone!!!! wow (4) CA's in one week!  Just one more to go and it's proven to be the toughest yet, but they are unethical beyond belief so it'll take some smart and precise work, but I'm in!

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Re: GW group!

I am attempting a GW letter to Chrysler Financial for two seperate 30-day lates over the course of a lease.  I'm sending the same letter to two different addresses, so we'll see what happens.  Fingers crossed but I have only read about one person getting a GW removal from Chrysler Financial.  Has anyone had any experience with them?  I'll keep this thread posted...

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Re: GW group!

Wow, this thread is back.... just so you all know, I cleaned my whole credit reports based in this thread, lots of gw... from tons of late payments, to collections. I did changed something, I sent emails instead of letters.

Here is my best advise based on my experience.

I believe more in emails as they don't pass thru many hands before the person you are sending it to. Always go for the top guy (owner, ceo, or vp), with the internet you can find this information, also check the online business registry of your state to find info about the owners/ceo/representatives.... then google for email adress. The mayor key is to be honest (these people are smart) and not to give up.


I cleaned bad history of credit cards, student loans, cell phones, collections... etc... I thank god for this second chance and I been doing really good since then. My report is perfect now... Smiley Happy

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Re: GW group!

Wow!  This seems like a great group to join!


I just sent out round 2 of my GWs and the waiting can drive you crazy!  


First round was pretty successful, had 3 baddies removed and a 12 point EQ point increase!  


Now I'm waiting on:


Direct Loans


Credit Management (Time Warner)

Educational Credit Management

Victoria's Secret

BofA - this one is a PFD



Good luck everyone!


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Re: GW group!

Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting on this particular thread.... I find it inspirational!


Today I sent another batch of GW letters:


HSBC Best Buy (2nd attempt) used different address - 4 lates in 2008 and one in 2007 (closed, paid)

Discover (2nd attempt) - 7 lates up to 120 days (closed, paid)

Bank of America - 9 lates back in 2007 (closed acct, still paying off monthly)

Citibank - 3 lates in 2007

First Premier - one late in 2007


I am hoping for the best!!!

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Re: GW group!

I'm about to send off my second round of GWs.  I'm trying Chase Student Loans, Sallie Mae, Campus Partners, and Carter Young.  By the way one of them is a CA that I settlled for half the balance.  I hope they don't try to come after me for the rest.


Also if anyone has an email contact for any of these creditors PLEASE PLEASE pm me.

Closed on my first home April 2012

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Any one had any luck with DCU?


I have two accounts paid off, one last year and one last month. Those account do have some lates. Although paid in full, they still show up negative. So I was wondering if I try to GW those accounts, they will go positive.


Looking for a success story with DCU and email if possible.

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Re: GW group!

I like the name Goodwill Hunting.


Sometimes I feel like Matt Damon (in the movie Goodwill Hunting) in his basement running out of space writing GW and Notes from my credit report that I have to write on my arms and hands and markers on windows etc Robot tongue

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Re: GW group!

Hi! I'm brand new to this website and am still trying to figure out where to begin!   I am trying to send our goodwill adjustment letters to some previously delinquent credit cards that are either paid off or almost paid off but have lates on them.  Do you find it best to email or regular mail?  If email, if someone could private message me with the email addresses for the following creditors, I would be so appreciative:



Merrick Bank

First Premier

Arrow Financial

Barclays Bank


Finally,  my husband has student loans with Nelnet that timed out of forbearance.  We applied for a payment reduction (which was accepted but took a few months to get approved)  Unfortunately they reported us 90 and 120 days late while we were working on the paperwork.  Has anyone had success with goodwill letters to Nelnet?


Thanks to all for your help!  We are trying to close on a house in a month and were fine until the Nelnet thing happened and dropped my husbands credit score.

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