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GWing SL is this a mistake?


GWing SL is this a mistake?

Hi all.


I've been working on GW letters and need to know if I'm going about this right.


There are 2 companies that have my student loans listed, Costep and Texas Guarantee. I went behind on the Costep payments and they transfered the debt to Texas Guarantee. I paid the loans in full while it was at Texas Guarantee and it's listed as payment after chargeoff/collection. I have some concerns that if I GW both at the same time TG will accept and Costep will reject. Will this make it look like I have yet to pay my student loans? Maybe not since the balance is listed as 0 with Costep. Should I just try to GW Costep?

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Re: GWing SL is this a mistake?

Who is listing to your CRs?   If both are listing negatively, then GW them both.

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Re: GWing SL is this a mistake?

I'm not 100% sure TG is listing negatively. It isn't triggering a red flag like the other accounts are. Current status is payment after charge off/collection. I assume that's bad but why isn't it triggering a red flag?


I have GW letters ready to be sent out to both. Just need to pop them in the mailbox.

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Re: GWing SL is this a mistake?

Both the OC and subsequent creditor should now be reporting $0 balance.

The OC was required to have done so at time of their sale of the debt.  The paid creditor was required to have done so upon your satisfaction of the debt with them.

With both accounts required to show $0, there should be no confusion in your CR as to the ultimate satisfaction of the debt.


I would pursue GW with both, each directed to their own separate, individual reporting.

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Re: GWing SL is this a mistake?

Thanks for the replies all.


They're both showing zero balance. I'm GWing both as suggested.

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Re: GWing SL is this a mistake?

FYI: TG is a guarantor and not a loan servicing agent. I did not even know TG accepted payments. It sounds like you defaulted or nearly defaulted and made payments without going into a rehabilitation program. You might want to move this over to the student loan forum and get better information.

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Re: GWing SL is this a mistake?

Yes. That's correct. I defaulted and was able to pay the SL with a disability back payment in one lump sum. Actually defaulted twice on it and I'm dealing with the reset of DoFD. I'll post in the student loan section now.

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