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Garnishment from Barclays Bank/Glasser & Glasser PLC

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Garnishment from Barclays Bank/Glasser & Glasser PLC

Long story short I had another one from Capital One through the same law firm Glasser & Glasser, I called them and got them to settle for a bit of a lower amount on the Capital One acct last year. I used my debit card at the time at a credit union I no longer bank with.


Fast forward to today this firm now has another debt from Barclays. They are going straight for a garnishment from the bank that I used to pay the Capital One debt. Again, I don't bank w/ them anymore so they won't get a penny from that bank.


None the less I want to call them during the week and settle this. Any advice as to what % I should be happy to settle for? I'd like to settle for as less as possible. Any help/feedback would be great.

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Re: Garnishment from Barclays Bank/Glasser & Glasser PLC

I just wanted to update this in case anyone is looking for info about Glasser & Glasser.


1) If they are going for garnishment they will not settle the amount, they will only accept full payment at this point. (the lowest they will go is slightly less than 80% of balance owed like around 78-79%)


2) You can negotiate to settle for less even if they get a judgement, but at the garnishment stage nada.


3) They will not do a PFD. I will wait a few weeks after my CR is updated since I paid them the full amount and dispute w/ the CRAs to see if the OC, in this case, Barclays will even bother with it since they got every penny owed.

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Re: Garnishment from Barclays Bank/Glasser & Glasser PLC

It is stated that they are "going straight for a garnishment."

That is a bit confusing.  Can you explain the prior history?


Garnishment is a separate and additional process of forcing payment of a debt that has been found by a prior civil judgment to be valid.

They must first have obtained a judgment in order to obtain a court order to enforce that judgment by an order of taking of assets or garnishment of pay.

What did you receive that indicates they have a court order for garnishement?

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Re: Garnishment from Barclays Bank/Glasser & Glasser PLC

Yes, I'll clarify.


I first dealt w/ Glasser & Glasser last year when they got a judgement for a Capital One CC that I defaulted on.

I settled the balance for less than owed with them over the phone using a debit card.


A year later Glasser & Glasser gets a judgement on me from Barclays Bank.

I dropped the ball because they did send me an offer to settle back in August for about 78% of the balance. I didn't have the funds at the time so their offer went ignored.

Last week they sent me a notice of garnishment that in April they were going to go to court and seek a garnishment against the bank that I used my debit card from.


Therefore i called today and tried to negotiate, was told once it's at the garnishment stage they do not and thus I paid in full.


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