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Getting Experian to remove judgement!


Getting Experian to remove judgement!

On my husbands credit reports - Transunion and Equifax removed a judgement we disputed because it wasnt his.  Experian investigated the judgement & now they are saying that the Judgement will remain on his report? 


When they investigate dont they all call the same place to verify information?  Why would Experian not remove it, but the others did?


I cant dispute it online again because it says its already been disputed.


What can we do to get Experian to remove this? - Thanks a bunch!

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Re: Getting Experian to remove judgement!

It is a 3rd party that is reporting. Usually a courthouse does not report.


You will need a letter on the courthouse letterhead stating that the judgment is not his.

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Re: Getting Experian to remove judgement!

It appears on his credit report as Franklin County Clerk of Superior Courts.  The judgement is mine & its paid in full.  I called the attorney's office this morning and left a message asking that they send me a letter stating that it is not his?  Its just weird that Experian is reporting it & the others removed it?



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Re: Getting Experian to remove judgement!

Yes indeed..Experian is a pain in the you know what to remove false information....What others said is correct...


What I had to do was get proof from the Clerk's office that the judgment was not mine nor had any other judgments been entered against me...I kept a copy for myself and sent another to Experian. Then in my letter to Experian, I put at the top that this was a notice of intent to sue (cause I really planned on suing them if they didn't correct their records) as well as handwrote a note underneath stating that I was including again paperwork from the courthouse that proved my case.


Technically, they had 30 days to remove because it was re-submitted as a dispute.  But once I saw online that my package was delivered, I gave them two days before I called up one of the reps on the phone. She started to give me the line of "disputes take 30 days to respond" for which I informed her that I knew that was the case and I was just calling to verify they got my paperwork since their 30 day clock was ticking.


She placed me on hold to pull up my account.  Then she said, yes we received all of your information and I am making a notation for them to delete this item off of your report asap.  When I checked my report the next day in the afternoon, it was gone.


Now why it took Experian all that time, who knows.  I disputed Transunion and Equifax as not mine and they were removed no problem.


Mine was a case of someone's name being very similar to my maiden name, etc.


Don't give up - but make sure you have your documentation in order and pay the extra money to send things certified or overnight mail so you can have proof of tracking....

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