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Getting REPO Deleted

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Re: Getting REPO Deleted

From what I read, the OP says 


Chrysler Financial Services

Status as of: Jan 2003

Date Opened: July 2001

Date of last activity: Jan 2006


The account was paid off in late 2005/early 2006 and it was settled for less than full balance. When is this account supposed to fall off of my credit, the car was repossessed in 2002.


The "repo" part and the lates would fall off the 7 years after it happened.  Which would be about now...


BUT last activity -- the settlement -- happened 01/2006.   There were probably "lates" between the repo and the settlement date.  Those would still be reporting.


The date of last activity is 01/2006.   THAT would fall off in 7 years.   01/2013, maybe 02/2013.



Depending on the written terms of settling, a CA could try to collect the difference.


Do you have a written letter from the lender saying if you pay xx amount, it would be considered paid in full?



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