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Getting very close to 700!!

New Contributor

Getting very close to 700!!

Hi all,


I've been in the no credit wasteland for so long, that I never would have thought my credit scores could improve. Suprise!

July 2012

EQ: 624 (FICO ScoreWatch)
EX: 659 (FAKO, Experian site)
TU: 653 (FAKO, Experian site)


November 2012

EQ: 644 (FICO ScoreWatch)
EX: 767 (FAKO, Experian site)
TU: 694 (FAKO, TransUnion site)


December 2012

EQ: 683 (FICO ScoreWatch)
EX: 770 (FAKO, Experian site)
TU: Unknown


Even though some of these are FAKOs, it's an awesome feeling to see the proof of the steps I'm taking to fix my credit score. Anyone can do this, just follow the advice found on this forum!

Hope to break into the 700 Club soon!

Starting Score: Jan 2012: EQ - 624
Current Score:Apr 2017: EQ - 748
Goal Score: Across the Board: 760
GC Challenge: App Free Since 4/19/2016

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Re: Getting very close to 700!!

That's some nice progress there, keep it up!

Starting Score: EQ 717 EX 724 TU 736
Current Score: EQ 832 EX 783 TU 816
App free since 9/15/15
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Re: Getting very close to 700!!

-p said it before I believe, as long as the score goes up it's a great thing. Just use that as your source of encouragement.

Starting Score: EQ: 383 2/2011
Current Score: TU: 644 EQ: 648 EX: 6?? 2/2015
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Getting very close to 700!!

Scores: about 700 across the board
Total CL: $275k
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