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Good news, bad news...

New Contributor

Good news, bad news...

The good news is my foreclosure from 2005 finally fell off my reports.  It only took 5-1/2 years.


The bad news is it dropped my AAoA from 9 years to 2 years TU, 3 years EQ.  It only dropped my scores 21 and 2 points respectively but it's still discouraging as I've been working very hard to improve my scores and get into the 700 club by year end.


With any luck, it will rebound quickly.  I don't have anything else on my reports to fix. 


Any thoughts?

Starting Score: TU: 606 EQ: 600
Current Score: TU: 658 EQ: 661
2011 Goal Score: 750

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Re: Good news, bad news...

Even with the AAoA hit, your are still better off without the derog on your CR.  If your reported CC util > 9% or have multiple cards reporting a balance, reducing this may help your score.

01/23/2018: FICO 829 EQ 827 TU 831 EX
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Re: Good news, bad news...

What's the exact AAofA for your TU?  When it bumps over 3 (I'm guessing that might be fairly soon) we'll hope to hear that you've gotten those points back.

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