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Goodwill Adjustment Mortgage Lates After Payoff

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Goodwill Adjustment Mortgage Lates After Payoff

I have some late marks on my mortgage account (Wells Fargo) between Feb 2015 - Aug 2015 that I was never able to get WFHM to remove through a goodwill request. We just closed on this home 10 days ago and so the balance is now $0 (CR not yet updated). I am guessing that a GW request to remove late marks after mortgage payoff will probably result in the same way as it did before payoff. 


Anyone else had any GW success on mortgage lates after the mortgage was paid off?

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Re: Goodwill Adjustment Mortgage Lates After Payoff

Years ago got a mortgage co other than WFB to remove a late, they are no longer in business. Give it a shot cant hurt.

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