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Goodwill Contacts

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Goodwill Contacts


Hello MyFico Family,


Thanks for making this site second to none!!! On second wave of GWs and inquiring if anyone had "recent" contact info for one of the following below. The first wave of GWs was nearly 9 months ago. However, Im pretty persistent. These are all lates closed or settled prior to 2008 but definitely worth a try.  


1. Cap One (I know..they are tough)

2. Care Credit/ GEMB

3. Bank of America


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Re: Goodwill Contacts

For Cap 1 I used:

PO Box 30281

Salt Lake City, UT 84130


That was back in 2007 after a 2004 BK.  They deleted the lates (4 total), and updated the account to paid, closed/never late following a GW letter. 


For Care Credit I used:

P.O. Box 981439

El Paso, TX 79998


Also in 2007 after 2004 BK.  Account was in good standing prior to BK.  No balance.  Just an open acct.  Filed the BK, did not include this acct in the BK.  However, Care Credit included itself and reported as closed by credit grantor and included in bk. Which, I learned they are allowed to do, even if we did not include the acct ourselves.  Sent a GW letter saying acct had been in good standing prior to bk.  No balance at the time of filing, or the year priot to filing.  Asked them to not report as included in bk and consider re-opening acct.  Did not re-open acct. but did report the acct as a positive, paid/never late acct.  Still closed by credit grantor, but that doesn't relfect negatively. 


Good luck!

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Re: Goodwill Contacts

Hello Everyone,


If anyone has any Capital One or GEMB contacts can you please PM me?



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