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Goodwill Help - Equidata

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Re: Goodwill Help - Equidata

Hello - Could you please PM me the contact info as well? This is the last collection I have sitting on my account. Thanks!

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Re: Goodwill Help - Equidata

Would someone please PM me the contact information as well?  It seems I'm in the same boat that you guys were, and could really use some help here.  


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Goodwill Help - Equidata



I posted the previous reply, but cannot remember the email address or password I used to create the account, so I had to create a new one.  


Anyways, I would greatly appreciate a PM with the contact info discussed in this thread!  I'm a new user, but this collection is killing my score as it is the only one I have on file, and I would really like to see it removed. Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to help me out with this! 

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Re: Goodwill Help - Equidata

I've been having such a hard time figuring out who to contact at EQUIDATA! Can someone please pass along an email contact to me as well? 


Thanks so much! 

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