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Goodwill charge off deletion?

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Goodwill charge off deletion?

Is there anyway to get a charge off deleted? I got one to come off due to some error one credit union did with reporting, but other than getting incorrect information deleted, is there a legitimate way? Im Referring to paid charge offs. I've heard of the goodwill deletion letters, but I only have until July so I don't know. I'll send off emails to CEOs tonight, but the last time I did that (Capitol one) it didn't work at all, has anyone called and got someone or figured the correct department? Any success stories at all would be wonderfully appreciated, especially if it's with Logix, Capitol One, Toyota Financial, Barclay, Navy Federal, or TD Bank/Target 

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Re: Goodwill charge off deletion?

GW is pretty much your only option, but getting an OC to GW delete their TL is almost impossible. Good luck regardless.

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