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Goodwill info for Sofi

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Goodwill info for Sofi

Hello guys,


Looking to send a goodwill letter to Sofi on a 32-day late payment. This is my first late payment, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone had any similar experience with Sofi ? 

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Re: Goodwill info for Sofi

I looked everywhere and cant find any success stories. You can write the exec team and explain why you were late and hope for the best. I dont remember seeing any personally. 1 30 day late loses its ding after a couple yrs.

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Re: Goodwill info for Sofi

You can send the letter.


You can also call customer service and explain why there was the late.  I was able to get a goodwill deletion of a 30-day late from Cap 1 in 2022 through a customer-service person. 


Never hurts to try.  I hope you get the deletion.

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