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Goodwill letter to Vacate a Judgement worked!!

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Re: Goodwill letter to Vacate a Judgement worked!!

If your state does not allow for vacating a satisfied judgment in their statutes, I suggest writing a GW letter to the courts.

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Re: Goodwill letter to Vacate a Judgement worked!!

UPDATE- I filed the motion to vacate 11/5...went to court 11/15. Sent court docs to CRAs 11/19...Judgment gone from TU! Just waiting for EQ now....Yay!!!

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Re: Goodwill letter to Vacate a Judgement worked!!

great job!!!

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Re: Goodwill letter to Vacate a Judgement worked!!

I know this is an old subject but I'm hoping someone will read it.  I do have a satisfied judgement I'm trying to get off my credit report.  I did call the court and was told that they have never done a vacating of a satisfied judgement and that I should probably contact an attourney. Before she told me this she told me, "Well I think the credit bureas would just need to see that it's paid to take it off."  HaHa.  If it were that easy I wouldn't be calling her.  I told her that no, they do have it as satisfied but I want it completely off.  She of course still assumed that all they need is a paper stating it is "satisfied" to take it off.  Do I need to contact a lawyer?  Should I try the creditor who filed it?  I've heard of GW letters to the court, but what would I say? Basically the court says I just need "a paper that says it's satisfied to take it off" and the CB obviously needs something else but what? Do you think a GW letter to the court then would help?  Has anyone tried this and had any luck?  I'm sorry, I'm new and I hope I'm doing this right. Thank you.

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Re: Goodwill letter to Vacate a Judgement worked!!

Hi InNeedOfGreatCredit, I'm pretty new to this all too, but I'm going through exactly the same thing that you are. I got info from a TN attorney today stating that technically, a satisfied judgment can't be set aside, because it's already been satisfied. He stated that if someone from the plaintiff's office would file an "Agreed Order to Set Aside", then it can be done. He also stated that if there are any "loopholes" in the data with the credit bureaus, then they could be sued to remove the judgments. If I hear of any new information, I'll be sure to let you know.
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Re: Goodwill letter to Vacate a Judgement worked!!

Teresamb12 thank you. Did you have any luck? So I would contact the original company that placed the judgement and ask if they would file an "Agreed Order To Set Aside"? Then I just wait for them to do it or what?
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Re: Goodwill letter to Vacate a Judgement worked!!

Dealing with the exact same thing for my wife right now.. she has two of them for medical bills from two seperate hospitals in Kentucky. Problem lies in the fact that she lives 2 states away now. I spoke to one of the PA's last week and they said that they don't normally do that when asking about the possiblity of a MOV upon satisfaction of judgment. We haven't paid them a dime yet, as I want some consent/understanding from the attorney on getting this stuff removed from PR before I do agree to pay it.


The court clerks up there were of no help either and became VERY defensive when I politely inquired as to what the standard process for requesting MOV's would be there. The lady I spoke with at the actual PA's office seemed to also believe that a "satisfied" judgment should allow us to get it removed from the CR as well... I corrected her and now I'm beginning to think I may actually know more about the CRA's than these lawyers do, and I've only been on this site for 3-4 weeks now!!!


I've learned a lot though... especially with regard to medical debts and HIPAA law. Paid off 2 medical debts today in person and direct to the OC via my cc so that they can't endorse a check over to a CA, and had both print off a full transaction journal on the accounts for future proof. I can't wait to dispute those off the CR if the CA's don't delete their reports. I think I'll be successfull with all of the other collections on my own... but forming a plan of attack on these judgments has absolutely fried my brain out!  

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