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Goodwill letter

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Goodwill letter

Hi i am wondering whom i should write the goodwill letter. i had a chase bank credit card that went into collections. I settled it with collection agency UCB. So I was wondering whom should i contact to request to get that off my credit report.




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Re: Goodwill letter


You would want to send the GW letters to Chase.  The collection agency can't do anything for you any more unless you optain a PFD letter.  Just hammer chase with GW letters try sending it to all address you can fine, start with the one on your CR.


Hope this answer your question.

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Re: Goodwill letter

I would send a goodwill letter to the CEO. 9 times out of 10 anyone lower then the CEO's office won't have the authority to change anything.
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Re: Goodwill letter

Thank you for your response. I will contact Chase

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Re: Goodwill letter

For your best chance at a favorable result, I suggest the Saturation Technique:

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