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Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

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Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

I have a late payment in April 2018. It's my only late payment on credit report in years and it dropped my score more than 20 points. I mailed certified letters, faxed letters, called, emailed and disputed the mark at all 3 bureaus but BMW Financial will not budge. Whatever happened to goodwill letters? Does anyone have any other idea/options besides just waiting it out? It's been almost 7 months and that 20 points was crucial as it dropped me just below 680.. the minimum I need for a mortgage right now. 

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Re: Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

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Re: Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

All you can do is continue trying to get them to commute that late with the GW route. Good luck and welcome to the board.
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Re: Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

Just a follow up to GW letters to BMW Financial should anyone need it. They IGNORE letters. The end.


I've sent several Certified Letters to various representatives for BMW Financial Services located on LinkedIn. I've sent Certified Letters to the regular Credit Dispute addresses. I've faxed 3 letters once a week for about a month. I've disputed my one late payment with all 3 credit bureaus. Here are my findings:


All letters have been ignored.

All faxes have been ignored.

All emails receive an automated response to contact the credit dispute resolution department.

I called and the only thing I have been told is that the disputes were noted on my file.

When disputed with credit bureaus, BMW answers within 48 hours and marked "no change" on credit file.

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Re: Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

Good luck. I have the same issue except I'm not trying for a morgage yet. Don't give up on it though, keep bugging them about it. 

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Re: Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

UPDATE: BMW mailed me a letter thanking me for contacting their CEO and proceeded with an automated response in reference to Data Furnishing and accurate reporting and how they do not honor Goodwill Adjustments.


As an added bonus.. they now moved my late payment UP a month from April to May.. but only with ONE CRA. This dropped my EX score 20 points on 11/08. Additionally, EX dropped another 9 points this morning because I requested an old account removed from 9 years ago (as mentioned in another post).

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Re: Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

It has been a while since I was last here.


I changed banks back in 2018.  Sadly, my BMW Financial Services e-bill/payent fell through the cracks and I received a 30 day late in 6/2018.  I attempted a GW letter last year and received a letter denying the request.  


Earlier this week - I was thinking about how could I position my next letter.  Back in 2016, I traded in my vehicle for a new BMW.  Apparently, BMW failed to update my credit report.  Both the old and new account was reporting open simealtenously for well over 1.5 years.


It was not until I purchased my home when I learned of the error.  Although I was able to qualify for a much better mortgage rate once the first BMW loan account was updated and marked closed, I firmly beleive I missed out on an opportunity to receive lower rates on a personal loan and credit card account I oppened during the period of time both accounts were reporting open in error.  


I included these details in my new GW letter mailed this week.  It is my hope that they acknowledge they made an error and are willing to forgive my oversight.


Has anyone else had a similar experience with another creditor?



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Re: Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

@TrueGeminiNC wrote:

Has anyone else had a similar experience with another creditor?


Yes, both Citi Bank and Capital One.  I just keep spending time finding new people to reach out to.  At this point, it's like a part time job.  But getting the negatives removed is very important to me, so I'm going to keep trying!




Starting 5/2018

Current 3/2019
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Re: Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

No luck for me thus far.  The last letter I received from BMW FS - they offered an incinciere apology for failing to update my credit report timely and proceeded to decline my request for a good will gesture in the same sentence.  


It just feels unfair. 

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Re: Goodwill letters ignored, any other options?

What ever happened to them?  They were extremely rare to begin with despite constantly being talked about in free website artciles designed solely to garner clicks, obtain information, and get you to click on affiliate links.  There are rare occasaions where they are successful, but it was never a mass success.  The reporting industry relies on accurate information and creditors pay these bureus a ton of money to ensure they are getting the correct information about a potential borrow.  While the system may be imperfect in some ways, and banks may have their own set of ethical issues; it would be unfair to them if they were paying a ton of money to these companies for accurate information and true info was being removed because they felt bad for you (and me, in my past credit life).

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