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Got CSD Removed!!!!

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Got CSD Removed!!!!

Got CSD removed!  Gues it helps when they have updated information!  Now I have to be patient enough to wait for them to update!  Still waiting for LRS and CSD agreed to remove!  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. 


Starting the new year with ONLY 2 collectinos that are over 5 years old.



Starting Score:
August Equifax 558 TU 600 EX 570
Current Score: Equifax FICO 642 TU FICO662 EX 651 ( 06/21/2013
Goal Score: 720 All Across

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Re: Got CSD Removed!!!!


Starting Score: 526
Current Score: 526
Goal Score: 640

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Re: Got CSD Removed!!!!

That's great, Congrats!

Starting Score: EQ 717 EX 724 TU 736
Current Score: EQ 832 EX 783 TU 816
App free since 9/15/15
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Re: Got CSD Removed!!!!

That. Is. AWESOME!


You should definitely see some upward score movement now!


Way to hang in there and not take no for an answer!


I can't wait to see what your scores do.


When do you think they will report? When will you know your new scores?

Starting Score: EQ 653 6/21/12
Current Score: EQ 763 4/9/18 - EX 758 4/9/18 - TU 782 4/9/18
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