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Got a dunning notice in the mail

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Got a dunning notice in the mail

Got a dunning letter in the mail dated 1/7 from ACI (American Coradius International) today. Gonna send a DV out tomorrow, my question is should I include the account number on the letter in my DV or just the simple one liner since they should be able to idenitfy it with my name? 

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Re: Got a dunning notice in the mail

I would include the account number.
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Re: Got a dunning notice in the mail

Sweet thanks! Now opinions please I found this on an old post here for DV's don't know if I should send something like it or just the one liner, Nothing is on my reports from them yet. Can they not add anything when I send this until they validate?

Dear <collection agency/junk debt buyer>:


Please send me validation of this alleged debt.


All calls to me at any phone number at any time are inconvenient to me.


Communicate with me, only in writing, at my mailing address.


If there are any underlying consumer arbitration agreements associated with this, I hereby elect my rights to it.



Aggrieved Consumer

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Re: Got a dunning notice in the mail

It's not on my reports yet , would they be able to add anything to my report since I'm sending a timley DV? I put it in the mail today cmrrr and it was dated on 1/7 the post office said it would be there by 2/4 at the latest.

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Re: Got a dunning notice in the mail

They can put it on your report up until the day they receive the DV.  Once that is received, until they validate, they cannot continue collection activity.

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