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Got in NFCU


Got in NFCU

So I got in NFCU. Waiting for a couple payments to post and all of my cards will be clean. No collections or lates, 3400 state tax lien is the only baddy.



300 first premier opened Feb, 2013

400 first premier opened Apr, 2014


500 credit one opened  Dec, 2013

750 credit one opened August 2015


1300 capital one quicksilver opened Mar, 2015

2700 capital one quicksilver opened April 2015


I want to apply for a CLOC and card from NFCU but debating if I should dump first premier before I do or after. Hopefully they approve me. 

I want to dump credit one too but I want to be wise and make a smooth transiition as possible from sub prime land.

I just got a 500 and 200 bump from capital one after telling them on a luv button recon that I wanted to kill first premier if they would replace the credit and they did.


Myfico has me at fico8 678 from equifax 640 fico8 from transunion and 672 fico8 from experian.


Debating how and when to drop these cards and apply for NFCU card now. Also should I wait until my report updates all these balances to zero from my recent payments?


Any advice on this next step is greatly appreciated!!! Been working hard for a long time climbing out of 400 scores with 20+k bad debt I managed without a BK.

Don't want to do something dumb now!

March 2017 EQ: 658 TU: 615 EX: 649

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Re: Got in NFCU

Nfcu is great. I just joined last month and received the platinum after my secure discover posted and my utilization dropped to 1%. My scores were below 600 from past mistakes but I think the low uti and recent solid direction of my reports helped me. My goal was to burn the hp on an unsecured then recon to the secured but nfcu surprised me with an approval. Personally I would wait for your updates to maximize the SL then shoot for the stars as far as card choice.
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Re: Got in NFCU

Should I dump first premier before or after applying for a card through nfcu?

March 2017 EQ: 658 TU: 615 EX: 649

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Re: Got in NFCU

draland1 wrote:

Should I dump first premier before or after applying for a card through nfcu?

It's your oldest account so assuming that you don't have to pay a crazy annual fee this month i would apply for NFCU first and close First Premier after you are approved.


One of my relatives got approved for a card with NFCU with just 1 credit card on their credit report and open less than 14months

Starting Scores: EX 528, EQ 501, TU 505 (ch7 bk filed 11-17-17)
Current Scores: EX 654, EQ 637, TU 627 (Discharged 2-21-18)

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Re: Got in NFCU

Just go for it. The only factors I had going for me when applying for the cashRewards a few weeks ago were UTI ($4 out of $3300) and AAoA, and I was stunned by the approval. Still am. You can close the junk after getting approved, I can't really see how it would help doing it before you pull the trigger. Good luck!

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Re: Got in NFCU

Ok so I stepped outside of the garden for the first time in several years.


Approved NFCU ncashrewards for 2,500


waiting on aproval for CLOC


Cap1 Venture 1 rewards 2000


Blue Cash AMEX everyday 1000


Got a 30 day letter on chase Saphire.


So very happy. I am going to cut up my frist premiers and credit ones when my cards arrive!


Also going to roll my 2 quicksilvers into 1.


Back to the garden until I get my mortgage down the line! I called NFCU and asked if they could bump my sli if i closed my sub primes and she told me being a new customer I was lucky I got instant approval so I reckon I'll work on my NFCU relationship a bit before pestering them. Just glad to be where I am!


So happy to be a NFCU member and my first ever AMEX!

March 2017 EQ: 658 TU: 615 EX: 649

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Re: Got in NFCU

Congrats! That's a nice combination to ride into the 700s with.
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Re: Got in NFCU

Congrats on your approvals and being at the point where you can close your subprime cc's!!

EQ 679 EXP 700 TU 763
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Re: Got in NFCU

Closing your subprime cards wouldn't affect an approval unless you need the util space.


I would close first premier because they are awful and you don't need awful cards.

EX08 659 EQ08 660 TU08 695 Starting: mid 300'sGoal: 700
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Re: Got in NFCU

Thanks, everyone. Well closing first premier was fun, she made me listen to a 20 minute script and brought up ha.

She says please call back within 90 days if you change your mind. I told her god bless first premier and god bless america!


Credit one is offering me a 200 sli for 20 bucks, glad I'm passed those days! Your next credit one...

March 2017 EQ: 658 TU: 615 EX: 649

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