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Great News!!!

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Great News!!!

I know this isn't the thread for this, but right here is where it all started for me. 

I have not even scratched the surface of where I'm to here goes


I was approved for a car with 3.9% financing.  It's unbelievable, remarkable, a miracle, fan-tab-ulous. 

I wrote a couple of days ago that I was waiting to purchase a car late 2013 after I had started rebuilding and my scores were up.


I can't even fanthom what will happen when the scores soar.   Thanks to all who have responded and I will be here in the next few weeks with updates for the rest of my items.


MOD please be merciful on me this once...LOL Smiley Wink

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Re: Great News!!!

Congrats....I don't think the mods will mind. It's encouragement for others.
Scores: about 700 across the board
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Re: Great News!!!

Congrats!! what are your current scores? i have a CAR AT 15% and looking to refi but scard my scores are to low =( and dont want to take a inq for nothing

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Re: Great News!!!


Latest scores: Walmart TU: 769. MyFICO TU: 769. DCU EQ: 755. MyFICO EQ: 780. PSECU EX: 756. MyFICO EX: 780.
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Re: Great News!!!

Congrats and enjoy your new car!

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Re: Great News!!!

Great job!

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Re: Great News!!!


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Re: Great News!!!

Thats awesome. Congratulations
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Re: Great News!!!


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Re: Great News!!!


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