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Greater Collection Agency Bureau

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Greater Collection Agency Bureau

Has anyone dealt with these guys? Years ago I had problems and stupidly took out some payday loans. I went through and I thought cleared them all up. This company started calling saying I owed them, and I did some digging. It has been sold a couple times and the last company I could contact says it’s paid in full, but I don’t have a paid in full letter. I requested one by email but have yet to receive it.

The lady at this Greater Collection Agency that was supposed to be the owner was telling me that they are the ones that own it and that I paid the wrong people etc. They are also telling me that they have sent several letters to me which I haven’t received. They guy I was talking to yesterday from there was talking a lawsuit and I fee like this is a scam.

I don’t know what to do from here. I am in contract and building a home right now. I have been paying off debt to boost my scores but I don’t have, nor do I think I owe, this money to spare right now. I worry that if this is true my scores are going to bottom and I won’t get the house which would devastate me.

What would you all recommend?
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Re: Greater Collection Agency Bureau

I have contacted the CFPB and filed a complaint as well as my attorney general. I don’t know what good it will do but I just want this madness to stop.
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Re: Greater Collection Agency Bureau

If you did get this debt, when did you supposedly aquire it?...What is your states SOL?  Most are 4-5 years.  If its past your states SOL they can not sue you and at this point they are just blowing smoke to get you to pay.  You said that your building a house, so they can see that on your reports and are trying to scare you if your out of SOL.   I would keep digging to find out or figure out if its a legit item needing to be paid or if you already took care of it with another company...def need to have that receipt if you can get it.  Good Luck 

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Re: Greater Collection Agency Bureau

The funny thing is this lady gave me the name of Ms Johnson when I talked to her. I remember a while back I was getting these obviously fake calls talking about delivering court documents etc and the normal scam debt collection practices from a Ms Johnson.

I’ll keep digging to get the paid in full letter but I did verify with the original creditor today that they sold it to one company. I called the second company and they verified that they sold it to the company that I called and they said paid in full.
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Re: Greater Collection Agency Bureau

@Stogieman wrote:
I have contacted the CFPB and filed a complaint as well as my attorney general. I don’t know what good it will do but I just want this madness to stop.

FBI fraud division is also a good contact, this is most likely a scam.

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