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Guidance please!!!

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Guidance please!!!

I'm really confused about what to do about some accounts.


Under Collections

I have Atmos Energy reporting an unpaid balance that was paid back in 10/2008.  This listing irks me because I terminated services in Feb 2007. Paid balance and received refund from deposit. I pulled my CR in Oct/2008 and noticed they had a collection. I called them and and they explained that this was from a super old bill they merged with my account. I never received a bill for this and I'm just aggravated over this being on there. I've written a letter to them, stating that I paid it immediatly after finding out about it in 10/2008 and its June 2009. They are still reporting it as unpaid and I'd like a goodwill adjustment and have it removed.  

-What else can I do?



Under Collections


I have 3 old checks, that are paid and updated as paid. I emailed the company and asked them to delete the tradelines as a goodwill adjustment. They responded with a letter back and saying that they notified the CRA's to delete the tradelines in 10/2008 and none of them have done so. HOW do I resolve this?


Under Collections



DOFD: 10/2002

Balance Date: 5/2009

Date Assigned: 12/2004

Date Reported: 5/2009


I disputed this information back in 10/2008 and it still says "consumer disputes this information"

Should I DV? Shouldn't it fall off in 10/2009?




from an old AT&T account - my ex & i had together

its SO old that even AT&T couldnt pull up my record

DOFD: 2/2005

Date Reported: 10/2008




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Re: Guidance please!!!

Dispute all of these accounts with credit bureau. Provide all the proof that you can to validate your position on why these accounts should be changed or deleted.
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