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HELP! GW contacts needed!


HELP! GW contacts needed!

I'm looking to start the GW process for the below Creditors. If you've got any contact info, please send it my way.


HSBC/Best Buy

American Accounts (AAC)

Cap One


GECRB/Care Credit


Thank you for your help!

Cards in my wallet: BofA 1-2-3 Rewards - $3,000 (5/2012), Walmart - $350 (9/2012), Home Depot - $500 (10/2012), US Bank - $1,000 (11/2012)
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Re: HELP! GW contacts needed!

I just posted something a while ago and I got not a single PM, I suggest browsing previous threads and PM'ing people yourself. 

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Re: HELP! GW contacts needed!

Have CEO for crap1

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