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HELP---closed account

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HELP---closed account

I have a Verizon account(2017) that is closed with a balance---it says on my report its in collections, but is NOT showing up as a collection account, only closed with balance. Its ONLY showing up on my Experian report as well. I have paid off my other 2 collections and they have removed them---all 3 reports say 0 collections. I have called to discuss paying the account, and these guys aren't going less than 40%---

My question is how much will this account, being closed w/balance effect my score?.........I talked to Exp and they seem to think it will have very little effect on score-----whats ya'lls experience. 

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Re: HELP---closed account

It's hard to say exactly how much it's affecting you, as everyone's profile is different, and of course we don't know the algorithms. But for sure it's affecting if it's a charge off/account with a balance.

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Re: HELP---closed account

@rchvmzVerizon has their own internal collection dept. Verizon collections is a debt collection agency that stems from its parent company, known as Verizon Wireless. Once they exhaust all efforts to collect. Then they will sell it to EOS CCA Debt Collections Services. So act on it soon so it doesnt come down to a CA on all 3 reports.

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