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HELP with collection

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HELP with collection



I have a collection on my credit report that is for $201.28 to Progress Energy.

The problem I am having with it is that the new collection agency that bought it is reporting it as a new collection in 07/2012.  I know this is from 2006 when my Husband lost his job and so I called Progress Energy to confirm, and they told me it was sent to collections in July of 2006.  

I have tried to do online disputes, but they have all been unsuccessful.  What can I do next?


We are getting ready to apply for a mortgage and I know that a collection as recent as 07/2012 is not going to be ok.  What can I do?




Melissa Mason

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Re: HELP with collection

The guru's will be along.  The collection agency uses the date they took the debt over, or thereabouts.   My Date of Last Delinquency was 1/2010, transferred to a Ca, and that date reports 8/2010.


I'd really try to do a pay-for-delete to make this go away.  It won't look great on your app.  An underwriter may, or may not, require you to pay it anyway.


Have you received a dunning notice on this new collection? 

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Re: HELP with collection

Unfortunately, they are probably reporting correctly.  Even though the TL is from 2006, the current CA got it in 2012 and reported it then.


Does it show 2006 anywhere on the TL?


Could you post the TL as it shows on y9our CR?

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Re: HELP with collection

So does this mean that in 07/2013 it will not fall off of my credit report now?  Here is the collection as it shows on my report:





Collection on debt to: Progress Energy

The collection agency "885YA00026" was hired to collect a debt of $201 originally owed to "Progress Energy"on account number "XXXXXXXXXXXX5721".

Collection agency [?]Original balance [?]Current balance [?]Date assigned [?]Original lender [?]Account number [?]Account holder [?]Account descriptions [?]

Jul, 2012
Progress Energy
Consumer disputes after resolution
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Re: HELP with collection

Have you pulled your 3 free reports from  You get one free every 12 months from each CRA.  The information on them is more accurate than what you get from a 3rd party site.


This TL doesn't show the original dates as the ones from above would.


If the account went bad in 7/06 it would come off in Jan 2014.  It is 7.5 years from DoFD.  Not saying it won't come off before that, depending on the CRA, but it can stay up to 7.5 years.

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Re: HELP with collection

+1  That's just the date they got it.  It has nothing to do with the SOL or CRTP of the loan.  It will still fall off 7.5 years from the DOFD>

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