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HIPAA question

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HIPAA question

Detail question... just so I understand.


If a CA or OC does not validate an unpaid medical bill (one that is verified by the CRAs) within 35 days of the CRA receiving the pre-HIPAA letter, they must delete?


I believe one of my bills cannot be validated because even the OC couldn't send me anything on it because it's on the "old system." I had called them before I found this forum, and wanted to pay them directly but wanted to see an actual bill. She said she can't even produce one.


I know you guys must be sick of these HIPAA questions and I appreciate your patience.

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Re: HIPAA question

Technically, an OC does not validate, a CA does. I find it very irritating that a CRA can verify an invalid debt. By law, if the CA does not validate the debt, yes, it's suppose to be deleted.
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