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HIPPA in dealing with medical collections?

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Re: HIPPA in dealing with medical collections?

I called in a PFD this afternoon and it was granted!!! The CA WAS United Revenue Corp. and they are extremely easy to work with, even on their website they offer PFD's if people will just simply pay their debts. I paid and they said I would have my deletion by the 4/19 the CSR I spoke to was also very very nice. Even before I made the payment she and I carried on a long conversation about helping me get my credit fixed and how to deal with the other CA's on my CR. I didn't mention it, but she actually suggested that I use the HIPPA process to get my deletions from the other CA's. I couldn't believe I was speaking to a collection agency, it seemed like I was talking to a credit repair consultant. If any of you are dealing with United Revenue, keep your head up, they are an awesome company to work with and you WILL get deletions.

I'm going to PIF all my baddies tomorrow. First on the hard one I'm going to be nice and offer them one last chance to take PFD offer, after that the threats are going to come. If that doesn't work, I'll follow through with my threats and then start the HIPPA dispute process. Either way, tomorrow I'm going to be officially DEBT FREE and it feels so good. BTW, the CSR recommend I skip the pre-HIPPA letter and actually do the entire process and she guaranteed I'd get results. Hopefully I don't have to go through all of this by simply getting my PFD's but its nice to know I've got other promising options.
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