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How do I find out who owns my account? Below is how it's appearing on my CR:



Date Opened:
Date of Status:
Reported Since:
Last Reported Date:

Charge Card
Monthly Payment:

Credit Limit:
High Balance:
Recent Balance:
Recent Payment:

Creditor's Statement:

Purchased by another lender.
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Re: HSBC/BestBuy

It's the Best Buy store card, not the Mastercard, right? That would be owned by Capital One now, they bought the HSBC accounts. Nothing should have changed in terms of your account number or online access or anything though.

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Re: HSBC/BestBuy

If there is no balance listed here and the account has been sold, you need to write a letter to their address on your file (or the CapOne/HSBC Excutive offices) and ask for information on who it was sold to.

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Re: HSBC/BestBuy

Thank you all for your responses. This is a store card. Once I identify who the account has been sold to, should my next step be a DV?

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Re: HSBC/BestBuy

Yes, a DV would be appropriate.  Also you need to find out the DOFD of this account, to see when it will fall off and if you are still within the time frame to have a judgement against you in your state.

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Re: HSBC/BestBuy

A DV may or may not be your chosen next step.

It depends upon your overall course of action.

If you dispute the debt, in whole or in part, need to verify the name of the current or original creditor, or want an itemization of the asserted debt, that is what the DV process provides.  However, by sending a DV, assuming it is timely, you also invoke an automatic cease collection bar on the debt collector until such time as they choose to provide the requested verification.  Thus, you forclose any PFD or settlement negotiations with them until they respond.


If you dont dispute the debt and wish to move directly to settlement or PFD negotiations, then a DV will be an obstacle.


Additionally, if another party purchased the debt, was it delinquent at the time of purchase?  If not, they may not be subject to the FDCPA.

Presumably, as a collection agency, they purchased the debt while delinquent.

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Re: HSBC/BestBuy

Experian doesn't list a DOFD on CR. My first option would be to settle for a lesser amount, second PFD. If I settle, would this have a negative impact on my credit score? My ultimate goal is to be able to purchase my first home at end of 2013.

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