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HSBC GW Success


HSBC GW Success

Goodmorning My Fico,


I have been sending goodwill letters until my hands hurt . I have deleted 14 accounts so far,they all was chargeoff. I had teo HSBC accounts that showed delinquency,

Hsbc RZ 120 LATE still open removed late payments and Hsbc Pink card chargeoff was removed. Thank god on all three of my credit reports I have a total of 72 positive accounts never late. I was just approved for American Optima ard to rebuild my credit . Still have a lot of work to go but I see sunlight now. About a year ago I had around 20-24 negative accounts and this is what I have left.


Accounts that is left

1.American Express paid waiting for a update

2.Chase Bank  paid  waiting for a response

3.CitiCards paid  settlement

4.Citibank unpaid

5.Citibank unpaid

6.Americredit about to fall off next year but considering to settle with them so they don't pop up again

7.Dell Financial drop off next month making settlement off now.

8. Credit One Bank paid  only showing on my Experian report

9. Sallie private career training loan paid GW LETTER


Lets see what November will bring in .





EQ542 TRAN582 EX565:
Current Score:EQ 635 TRAN 631 EX 603
Goal Score: 750

Start out : 24 negative accounts collections/chargeoff
Current : 5 remaining 2 unpaid 72 total positive accounts:Long two year battle finally i can see light
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Re: HSBC GW Success

Thats great news.  Could you please PM me the contact info you used for HSBC?  I'm just starting this long journey myself.  Thanks.

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Re: HSBC GW Success

Do you mind sending me a PM also to whom to write to, thanks

Starting Score: EQ 546 TU 566
Current Score: EQ 693TU 08 729 EX 08 738Need to Garden/New Accounts
Goal Score: 800
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Re: HSBC GW Success

That is awesome news!!  Congrats on how far you've come Smiley Happy 

I also have been GW HSBC with no success, may I also have the HSBC info in a PM? 

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Re: HSBC GW Success

Congrats..that is great news.  I sent out a GW to HSBC yesterday.  I have 3 (30 day lates)..can you please send me the info you used, in case my GW gets shredded.

Thank you so much.  and again congrats  that"s awesome

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Re: HSBC GW Success

Can you be so kind to pm me that address as well, lol?  I've been trying & have been shot down the 4x's I tried.

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Re: HSBC GW Success

Hey there. Do you mind PMing me the HSBC contact info as well?  Could really use it. Thanks!!



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Re: HSBC GW Success

Chamire, congratulations on your success!


Would you also PM me with your contact person at HSBC?


Thank you and congrats again.

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Re: HSBC GW Success

Can you PM me the info too?


I have gone round and round with HSBC for 2 1/2 years on 2 CO accounts from 2002 they just couldn't report right they finally fell off.


This round I have some lates that I would like to get removed, I sent an email to someone it may or may not be the same one you spoke with.



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Re: HSBC GW Success

Hello, good job! I am happy for you. Can you send me the information as well? Thanks so very much!Smiley Wink

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