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Handling Garnishments


Handling Garnishments

I have an old garnishment from a doctor's bill. All summons were served to an old address.  Is there anything that I can do with this? They're about to start garnishing my check any day now.


Also, how do I find out what is considered proper service for a judgement? Can a creditor just serve it to any address and it is sufficient?  The court that is handling this, isn't even in the county that I live in. 

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Re: Handling Garnishments

My advice would be to hire a lawyer if you can afford it. They might be able to get that old case thrown out completely, which I think is very difficult to do on your own. They might also be able to negotiate a settlement or get you better terms of some kind. But people suing yopu can and do get away with this crap all the time. Something like 95% of debt cases are default judgments.

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