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Happy Dance Approval

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Re: Happy Dance Approval

Congrats OP!


Both my DH and I were approved for a Barclays rewards mc with TU scores around the same (or maybe even lower) than yours is currently, with $1.3k (DH) and $1k initial CLs. DH also has a recent (2013) charge off on his CR. I suggest trying it out, especially if you don't have too many inquiries on TU since I read they're pretty inquiry-sensitive. Barclays has been great so far, great lender to get in with IMO.

AmEx PRG (NPSL) | AmEx BCP (10k) | AmEx Blue Cash (1k) | AmEx SPG (3.5k) | Barclay Arrival WMC (7.5k) | Barclay Sallie Mae (1.5k) | Cap1 QS (2k) | Chase Freedom (1k) | Discover IT (4.5k) | InTouch (Local) CU MC (5k) | InTouch (Local) CU LOC (25k)

Citi/Best Buy (AU) (1.5k) | Citi/Best Buy (7.5k) | Comenity/Crate & Barrel (4k) | Comenity/Restoration Hardware (9k) | GE/Ethan Allen (2.5k) | Synchrony Bank/Banana Republic (3.3k) | Synchrony Bank/Gap (3.3k) | Synchrony Bank/Walmart (3.3k)

myFICO scores ~ 691 (EQ) 670 (EX) 712 (TU) || Goal scores: 750+ (all 3)
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Re: Happy Dance Approval

Wow Congrats! I want to apply but I already have 5 inquiries on my transunion reportSmiley Indifferent

What's in my sock drawer? NFCU LOC 15,000] NFCU Cash Rewards 20,000][ Golden 1Platinum Rewards Card 6,600 Discover It 5,000,] {NFCU goRewards 17,500} Barclaycard 1250.00,]Cap one 750.00 ], Watering my garden for the next five years:-)
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Re: Happy Dance Approval


Welcome the the NFL family Smiley Wink

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: Happy Dance Approval

Fantastic work!

My Wallet:Fidelity Amex $1K, DCU $3.9K, US Bank AeroMexico $300, Quicksilver $1.3K, Cap1 secured MC $750, DiscoverIT $200, Care Credit $5K, Sportsman Guide Visa $3K, Kay $3K, Jared $3K,American Airlines CC $3K, Amazon $2.9k, Walmart $2.2k, Macy's $800 revolving/$5k furniture, Comenity retail cards $5.55kStarting Score: 618Current Score: 711
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Re: Happy Dance Approval


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