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Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved


Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved

After about a year of rebuilding my credit and not knowing where to start. I finally found the FICO forums and just started reading which helped me know where to put my money to lower/pay off certain things first.  All that hard work finally paid off today! I opened a checking/savings account with Navy Federal credit union so I could put money away. First thing I see when I logged in online was a big banner for their VISA cashrewards card. I thought to myself....REALLY even on here they have those pre-approved advertisements. Then I thought to myself, I haven't applied for anything in almost a year. No credit check for anything but for my "3 score and reports". So I checked on here and found the majority of people that got pre-approved through NFCU were actually approved. So I said what the heck, it would only be 1 hard pull. I click submit thinking it would be one of those "3-5 day notice" and went about my business. I checked back in about 5 minutes and my jaw just dropped when I was approved for $7,000 with 12 APR credit card. I couldn't believe it at first so I took a picture just in case it was a So I will wait to see if the card arrives in the mail in 3-5 days.


Lets go back a year when my score was only at 500 EQ score starting in Jan 2013. I should have never got out of the military because it was so hard just to find work. I was so down on myself that I didn't check any of my credit reports to find out what was going on. I finally landed a job and saved money thinking I could pay everything with cash.  I didn't know about the PDF letters at this point, so I just paid in full and waited for it to show paid on my credit report. Some of the baddies were removed and some stayed. Slowly my score went to 550 EQ starting in June 2013 and 558 for TU (didn't check EX then). After reading more of what people were doing I pushed myself and got my util down from 80% to 23% paying something every week, even it if was only $20 (only have 2 cards) USAA and Capitol one. Capitol one gave me 2 CLI that I didn't know about untill I checked the account. I accepted and ran with


I finally paid off 3 baddies within a week and waited (which was the hardest part). I kept looking on creditkarma to see if my score would change and if it actually improved. In July 2013 it went up to 602 EQ and I was like wow..This is actually working. I paid off 1 more baddie in full and waited some more. I was too busy the next 3 months that I didn't even check my score report. Last week I finally checked to see if I was still on track. It came back with---- 665 EX, 607 EQ, 631 TU---- with my util at 7%. So all the work put into paying off and getting negatives taken off worked. Now all I have is 1 apartment in collections and a school paid on time for the last year. 2014 will be better and around summertime I might put a loan in  for a car/motorcycle loan with NFCU. Just thought I would share my 1 year of credit rebuild and that I'm hooked on watching the numbers go back up.


Thanks to the fico forums for all the help and hope 2014 will be better for everyone.

Starting Score: 500
Current Score: 12/15/13 665TU 2/4/14 669 TU 681 EX
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved

Happy New Year and welcome to the forums!


Congrats on your success and your approval!

I look forward to seeing your improvements over the next couple of months, keep up the great work!

I'm back rebuilding my credit again, sigh.
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Re: Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved

Congrats on your success! Thanks for sharing.

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Gardening Date 7/01/16 / MyFico 08: EQ 801 / TU 777 / EX 771 / 06/08/17
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Re: Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved

Congrats! Welcome to the forums and job well done. NFCU is amazing, I am sure there is plenty good to come in 2014 for you!

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Re: Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved

Congrats. Take care of Nfcu and they will take care of you!
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Re: Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved


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Re: Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved

Awesome work! I can't wait to get to that point too! I have only begun my credit repair journey and hope to share some of the same successes as you have thus far. Keep it up! Here's to an excellent 2014!

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Re: Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved

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Re: Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved

@JamaJama  Congrats on your progress! I hope to be up where you are soon. I started my journey in June and the scores have bounced up and down, from low 500's to 577 XPN CS, 578 TU CK and 601 EFX Fico. I started with some 25-30 items, did some PIF's, PFD's and a few Settled including one biggie from a repo in 2010 original amount $4324, agreed to settle for $1297, paid $550 this week and the balance in two weeks. Not sure how that will impact my score when it reports. Have a few past accounts in good standing and current Santander, NFCU secured, RACC and school loans...had some lates in '12 but paying on time since. With all the negatives off I did manage to add to my revoling NFCU secured card $500 cl by picking up last month 3 add'l cl's=Cap1 hard pull, Express & JCrew shopping cart trick and anxious to see if I will get a boost when they report in a few weeks.


I'm preparing to purchase a home when I hit 640. Reading the forums, seeing others' milestones and their advice gives me encouragement that I will be firmly in the 600's and hopefully 700's by EOY. Thanks All!

Current Score: EFX 645, XPN 680, TU 725
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Re: Hard work has finally paid off ! NFCU approved

Awesome! Great work! Nice to see it slowly bearing fruit, isn't it? Yay!!!

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Current Score:6/16/15:EQ 714, EX 704, TU 702 (all from myFICO)
New Goal Score: 740+ for all three
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