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Has anyone ever used a deletion from one CRA

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Has anyone ever used a deletion from one CRA

and sent it to another and got the item removed? TU is being a pain in the rear about a few that EQ and EX have removed.

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Re: Has anyone ever used a deletion from one CRA

Don't even get me started with TransUnion. 🙈🙈 My score is lowest with them because they won't remove anything and won't update balances correctly. My Equifax and Experian are always higher. Equifax did everything correctly and also deleted AFNI. Experian hasn't fully updated yet. Just one paid collection was updated so far. TransUnion has done nothing but just report an updated balance. Meanwhile, the accounts were settled and supposed to be reporting as zero. Other 2 report as zero except for them.
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Re: Has anyone ever used a deletion from one CRA

The fact that information was deleted in your credit report with one or more CRAs does not establish that it must also be deleted from other CRAs.


Credit reporting is voluntary, as is which of the CRAs a furnisher decides to report their account or collection.

If a consumer files a dispute, the furnisher can choose to then verify or correct with only one CRA, and not others.

That simplifies their reporting.


The exception is if a consumer files a dispute and the furnisher, after investigating, determines that they cannot, within the investigation period, either verify or correct the information.  If they make that positive determination, then the FCRA requires that they also report deletion to all other CRAs to which they have also reported the information.  However, they can resinsert if they, at any later time, obtain adequate verification of can correct to overcome the inaccuracy.


Normally when information is deleted from one CRA, the consumer has no basis to determine that the furnisher positively found the information could not be verified, so the deletion cannot be used to compel removal from all CRAs.

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