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Hating Kohls right now!!!

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Hating Kohls right now!!!

 Using info from the myfico community....i googled the CEO of Kohls and last night sent a GW letter....Less that 14 hours later I get a call from a lady who was forwarded my e-mail and said....No we can't remove the 30 day late from your  joint acct....blah...blah....blah.... I am joint on the acct with my mother who is primary and she lives is South all the billing went to she closed the acct about 2 or so + years ago......


So my question is....Do i keep resending e-mails to the same person I did? Or do you think I will have better luck sending via snail mail? This 1 30 day late tanked my score about 30 points!!! And I and so close to having the score I need for a mortage loan before this happend!!! HELP!!!!!



Current as of 3/21/18 EQ 609 TU 619 EX 628
Discharge 7/2016 Ch 7 BK
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Re: Hating Kohls right now!!!

Did you ever have any luck with this? I am in the same boat with them as well.....REALLY hating Kohls too!

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Re: Hating Kohls right now!!!

Kohls does not service their accounts, they are backed by CapOne.
Keep sending gw's. being joint on an acct is not a good idea.

One person may say yes!
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