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Heeeelp! Gardening but unsure

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Heeeelp! Gardening but unsure

About a two years ago my Husband’s health hit the fan & financially, things went from meh to bad. Since recovering from the blow I have vigorously been attempting to clean up my credit. Prior to beginning this chapter, it was nothing to be impressed by. Was absolutely careless as a teen with creditors along with a few collections. Anywaaaays.... Fast forward to today. Currently have about 12 inquiries, 1 collection account (falls off in a year & five credit cards. American Express (everyday), Wells Fargo Propel, Discover it, Khols & Zales are what I currently have along with being an authorized user on my Husband’s Credit One & Capitop one accounts, two car loans as well. Was considering removing myself as an authorized user on the Credit One account along with requesting it removed from my report, good or bad idea? The two car loans will be paid in full this year so I’m not concerbed about those. As far as cards go, too much? Too little? I personally feel it’s more than enough although higher CL’s would be nice but also thinking maybe I need to add a visa? My bank is visa but that’s it for Visa card wise. End game goal is to purchase a home or condo. Appreciate you all taking moments to read this & any advice is greatly appreciated. Gardening is touch but this site is so helpful!
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Re: Heeeelp! Gardening but unsure

Straight simple ananswer. Best for FICO scoring is 3 revolvers and 1 installment with a low balance. More cards make a thicker file, then inqs and other things that would take points away would have less of an impact. This is from below in my stats as I rebuilt after BK. Take it from there.

Side note: Let the inq's age and fall off and kiss COne bye.......... Good Luck!

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