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Hello! I am new

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Hello! I am new

I have decided to fix my credit after a long long time. I have medical bills only and a direct TV account which I am not sure if it is mine and I am looking for some help in fixin them.


1) Riddle Associates / Direct TV

Balance - $205.00

Date assigned -  Dec 29th 2006


2)  I C Systems (Medical bill)

Balance - $75.00

Date assigned - Jan 28 2005


3) Nationwide is supposedly collecting this medical debt which I am not sure.

Balance - $2066.00

Date Assigned - Oct 18th 2004


The SOL in my state is 6 years and Its been a long time and I dont recall hearing from anybody.  Any help in dealing with them would be greatly appreciated. I can only pay off the smaller collections but not the larger one for 2066. Should I just dispute with Transunion and Equifax where they are reporting? 

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