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Help! Medical bills

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Help! Medical bills

I tried to do a quick search regarding unpaid medical bills.  I have three unpaid balances in collections.  I would like to pay them.  What should I try first?  Contact the OC?  PFD?  I've been successful with GW and PFD for other accounts but am not sure about the hipaa rules and what steps to take.



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Re: Help! Medical bills

Can the OC pull them back from the CA if so I would have them pulled back and pay the OC


The HIPPA process can be daunting trust me I know and I did have luck with it, HOWEVER


I prefer to PFD any and all collections that I know are mine.

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Re: Help! Medical bills

Who is reporting?  If the CA is reporting, PFD w/ them.  Of all my bajilions of medical collections, NONE of them are reported by the OC, all by various CA's.

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Re: Help! Medical bills

Your best bet on medical bills is to pay the OC if they will recall the debt from the CA. Be sure to get it in writing. Also if you pay the OC you can claim it as a medical deduction on your taxes.

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