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Help finding who I owe

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Help finding who I owe

After getting my dismal credit score (565) I wanted to see who I owed and how I can get in touch with them to start paying now that I am in a posistion to be able to actually make payments. The two things I know I owe on, I have not been contacted from in several months and no account number is listed in my report.


I know I owe MOHELA for student loans, but that was turned over to the government according to my report.

I know I owe Dell for a laptop, but that was turned over as well, to what appears to be Citibank.


Does anyone have any advice on how to contact those who I owe to start making payments, kind of a backwards deal but the wife started looking at houses and tired of not being able to get a loan when in all reality we'd save money buying a home instead of renting.



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Re: Help finding who I owe

The most up to date information for CA and account numbers would be obtained with your free annual credit report at If you have pulled your free one already from each of the credit bureaus the information should be found on them. 


Good Luck 

Good Luck
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Re: Help finding who I owe

Have you pulled your free credit reports from ?  If not, start there and see if you have those accounts listed on your reports?  Pull all three because not all debts are reported to all credit reporting agengies, sometimes only to one of the three. 

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Re: Help finding who I owe



Get your credit reports.


If  you share your information (from the credit reports) on the site, people will offer advice on dealing with the creditors.


Addresses and names of the creditors will be on the credit reports.

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