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Help getting my score up

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Help getting my score up

I am new to the myFico community.  A little back history - I am almost 34 ,but when I was 19 I let my credit hit the crapper when I defaulted on some CC's (Discover won a judgement against me) and I defaulted on my student loan.  I paid off all the credit cards.  Then at about 23/24 I got a First Premier (HUGE mistake) never used it, but never sent in the security and was considered defaulted on that as well.  Basically I let my credit go twice.  In the past 5 years I finally paid off (I let the judgement fo for a long time, but finally paid it as i was told that judegements do not fall off the cr after 7 years like other things do) everything.  I was able to get an Orchard Bank CC ($500) in 2010 and an Old Navy ($2200) and a OSP store card ($250) in 2011.  Not understanding about utilization I did use close to the limits on both cards, but I have never missed a payment.  This year I paid off both cards.  I also had a problem with T-Mobile charging me extra last year so while I was arguing the bill it went to collections.  I got better results with the CA, negotiated, and paid that off as well.  I joined a local credit union 6 months ago and two months ago they sent me a preapproval for their cc, but I shredded it thinking no way would I be approved.  Last week they sent me another preapproval and I decided to go for it since everything was paid off and I was approved for $3500! I aslo tried for cli for OSP (now $450) and Old Navy (declined).  The shopping cart trick also worked for the Avenue ($500).   I do not really plan on using any of my cards, but from what I have read I do want to utilize 1-9% on one of my cards and put the rest in my sd to increase my credit score.  I am hoping to try for a mortgage in 6 months and i'm really hoping for a good interest rate.  I joined myFico last month and since then my score has gone from 640 to 694, but I am still waiting for some agencies to report activity.  I am trying to get my score above 720 (short term goal).  Any advice?  I do not have any installment loans either.  Thanks in advance!!! 

Starting Score: 650
Current Score: 665
Goal Score: 720

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Re: Help getting my score up

You're doing a pretty good job!


My advice.  Take a good look at your CR.  Anything that's bad and paid.  Send a GW to.  It just costs a stamp.  

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