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Help me get the score up!

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Help me get the score up!

I have deleted and DV'd my way to a clearer report yet my numbers are lingering in the 500's


4 student loans in rehab month 3 reporting in collection/default

2 HSBC paid chargeoffs

1 First premier bank paid in full charge off

1 auto loan from 2010 paid in full with 2 30 day lates ( last 6 months)

2 student loans paid as agreed ( month 2)

1 auto loan new paid as agreed

two student loans paid in full


What else can I do? I have cleared up all collections and charge offs. I applied for a secured credit card to help add some new credit, but seriously when will my score increase?


Starting Score: TU496 EX 525 EQ 423
Current Score: ex 590 eq 517 tu 587
Goal Score: 640

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Re: Help me get the score up!

I imagine when those lates age and the student loan issue gets cleared up.

Starting Score: 492 02/12
Current Score: TU: 668 (FICO), EQ: 668 (FICO). EX: 651(lender pull 9/27/12)
Goal Score: 660

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Re: Help me get the score up!

Good Will HSBC and Premier bank asking to remove the CO accounts. I would not worry about the 30 day lates on your auto loan, but GWing them could never hurt. Keep paying your loans in rehab on time, diligence is the only approach there.


No open CC accounts? Think about applying for a secured card. That is a common rebuilding technique. Read up on secured cards elsewhere on this site. EDIT I see you have applied for secured credit already. Work on the CO accounts and just keep paying on time.

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