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Help me, help her - How to go about the GW process

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Help me, help her - How to go about the GW process

Hey All, 


You have all helped me skyrocket my scores, obtain new credit and higher limits but I was at the advantage of not having any derogs on my report which made it possible.


My GF has been working hard on her credit along side of me, but has a few items that I think if removed would tremendously help her score.



- Capital one - 30 days Late (2016)

- Credit One - 30 days Late (2016)

- First Premier - 30 days Late (2016) 


Otherwise her report is clean with low UTI, very long 20+ years AAOA (via AU), good income, and virtually no recent inquiries. Maybe 1 across three reports. All of these accounts are currently open and in good standing.


She needs a surgery, and will be applying for a medical loan very soon but it is unlikely she will be approved based on this I would think. The lates were literally all at the same time and due to more medical hardships and the declining health of her family members.


I am looking for any and all advice, email contacts for GW, succesful strategies, ideas, etc. (within the guidelines of this forum of course) to be able to help her with possibly getting these negative items removed from her reports. 


Of note, she has sent GW letters through the mail before on a few occasions and recently, per my suggestion, contacted higher ups via email. But I am not sure if I have her emailing the right folks.


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Re: Help me, help her - How to go about the GW process

Cap1 isnt known to do GW's. Its a a rare case that maybe 1 poster may share at most 2-3x a year. FP is also another tough one. But there are many success and failure posts here and guidlines to follow. You can get all the CEO email and stuff at Good Luck! 

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