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Help me rebuild...

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Help me rebuild...

First post here.. 

Looking for help to rebuild, I made some STUPID mistakes as soon as I turned 18 and now i'm paying the price. I graduate in 2 months from college and currently have a full time job.



Cap One 593/750 (can pay off next month)

Cap One (auth user) 0/4550

Citi Secured 0/200



American Eagle (closed Apr 2013) 383/150

First Premier (closed july 13) 435/300

JcPenney (closed aug 2013) 0/200

Credit One (sent to collection, judgement was paid in 2018 but this is still reporting, is that accurate?) 

Credit union auto (repo in 2013, was sent to auction and the amount was paid full from the sale of the vehicle but it's still reporting late) 1631 

Credit Union personal loan 1039/0

Credit union credit card 0/1000



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Re: Help me rebuild...

What is the story on these accounts below? Do you know DOFD? Are they late accounts? Chargeoffs? Why were they closed?


American Eagle 

First Premier 




Credit One - Send them a goodwill letter asking to delete from credit bureau, they are known to do so.


Credit union auto- It will continue to report any baddies associated with account at time of repo!  Is this the balance 1631?

Credit Union personal loan- Is this open? Closed? Late? 1039/0

Credit union credit card- Is this open? Closed? Late? 0/1000



Those balances on the your baddies are affecting your UTIL if you can pay those off it would help your scores a little. 

Rebuilding and Reducing Debt, is my game plan.
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Re: Help me rebuild...

I didn't have a job or money to continue paying those cards or anything, and they were all charged off. 

I already contacted Credit One Bank a bunch of times and they will not budge- at all. 

Everything under baddies is either closed or charged off

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Re: Help me rebuild...

any help on what I should do??

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Re: Help me rebuild...

@gigilosha2 wrote:

any help on what I should do??

For the accounts that were closed in 2013 - they will probably come off of your credit report in 2020.   If they're outside your jurisdiction's SOL, and you don't need to increase your score right away, you can probably just wait for the 7 year mark for them to come off on their own.

Otherwise, you could pay them off, get some increase, and then still have to wait until 2020 for them to come off of your report (unless you negotiate a pay for delete).

If credit one was indeed paid, contact them with proof of payment and ask them to remove any updates after the paid/closed date.
You are listing a number/balance on the credit union auto - is that fully paid?  If so, do the same if they're continuing to update.

Keep your utilization low (below 28% for any given card, and below 8.9% for your aggregate) and hang in there.  You need time to get these bad things off of your report and to make your good history longer.

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