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Help me spend $20,000 -- pay collections or nah?

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Re: Help me spend $20,000 -- pay collections or nah?

@Shooting-For-800 wrote:

I am confused how $20k covers 55 accounts.

I saw the 55 accounts, but possibly wrongly assumed that only the money ones listed were what was owed.  

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Re: Help me spend $20,000 -- pay collections or nah?

You can get all of them paid with PRA and Midland. Each one deletes even if they settle.


Have a payment ready and call them. Give them a really lowball offer on all of them at once and start working your way up negotiating. Just start at 25% of the total and see what they say, go back and forth with them, but I'm betting, depending on age, you can get all of those cleared up for 50%.

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