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Help! paid collection


Help! paid collection

In 2008 I paid off a collection to All Strings Attached.  Now all of a sudden last month it shows up on my credit report showing $0 balance.  My question is I paid this off over a year ago is it legal for them to all of a sudden start reporting this on my credit report?  So far I have called them and she said she can see that it was paid off but wanted to call me back after she got a report from their accounting department.  
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Re: Help! paid collection

As long as it's within the CRTP, they can report, and begin reporting for the first time long after you pay them off.


Generally, it's recommended that when you pay off something that is not reporting, you negotiate payment in exchange for them agreeing not to report.  Or a Pay For Not Reporting (PFNR).


Now that you are where you are, you can write GW letters asking them to remove.  Wish I had better news for you!

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