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Help rebuilding my credit

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Help rebuilding my credit

I would like to get suggestions from people on here. I have been on here every day, feels like all day, for the past few weeks. You can see my credit scores when I first joined in my signature. I am going to list what I currently owe that is charged off or in collections as well as the date they were opened and the last activity and hopefully people can tell me what to do with them. Right now my plan is to pay them all off this month.


Applied Bank - $1456 Charged off as bad debt.  Opened Aug, 2005 DoLA Nov, 2007 Date Closed May, 2008


Capital One Bank - $989 Charged off as bad debt. Opened Jul, 2007 DoLA Sept, 2008 Date Closed Mar, 2008 (Also this I got a letter saying I was being Sued so I called yesterday and paid this)


HSBC - $1483 Charged off as bad debt. Opened Jul, 2007 DoLA Sept, 2007 Date Closed Dec, 2007 (I have agreed to pay this and I settled before I knew about PFD so the last payment on this is the end of this month. I will have to write a million GW letters and hopefully get it deleted)


AT&T(Cingular) - $2,676 Originally owed a little over $1500 when this was sold to a law office. The account was opened back in 2004 and it just showed up on my credit report in collections in Dec 2008.  I have DV'd but have heard nothing back yet. Its only reporting to Experian and I DV'd online through their online service. If they come back and say its my account what should I do with it?


 Also in collections is Bank of America Checking for $114 which is not mine I have 4 account in good standing with BoA and have called them to confirm this isn't mine. I have disputed with TU through a letter and sent a letter to Experian.


 T-Mobile - Owed $353 Settled this before signing up on here and finding out about the PFD so again I will have to GW this one a million times and hopefully get it deleted?


 NCO Citizens Bank -$121 Paid this off in full over 2 years ago but still shows up as a collections account in Experian. I have DV'd NCO directly as well as sent a letter to Experian and I also sent an email to someone at NCO asking to remove this from my report.


 These are all the accounts that I have that I currently owe on or recently paid. I have others that I paid years ago that I am sending GW letters to. I am hoping that I am successful but from what I understand it takes a lot of GW letters to get them to take it off, and thats if you are lucky.


I would appreciate the advice of the people on this board and what you would do if you were me.



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