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Help with recovering credit

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Help with recovering credit

I am a newbie as of tonight and I read with interest the thread about boosting your fico score. Mine is low due to a divorce. Where do I start to rebuild? I have a judgment and one I am negotiating. How did you increase your score so quickly?


(This post was split off from a thread in the CC Forum.  I'm hoping the expert rebuilders in here can help!  Thanks!  -Peas)

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Re: Help with recovering credit

Not much you can do about a judgment - if it's paid you can try to get it vacated, but this is difficult at best. 



what exactly are you trying to negotiate?  If it's a bad debt is it with a CA or OC? 

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Re: Help with recovering credit

In order to provide the best answers, we need to know what exactly is on your CR.  Leave out personal information.


If you could post the accounts you are concerned about, including the DOFD, DOLA and your SOL, it will be a big help.

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